Learning from E-Sports

When looking at the way in which video game players learn soft skills, we immediately started noticing online and competitive games and how they mirror both the skills and practices that are found in business. With incredible stories of the emergence of leaders in massively multiplayer online role-playing games MMORPGs (Leadership in a Disrtibuted World – IBM), we turned to e-sports to try and define a new generation of leaders.

Though it is the fastest growing form of competition in some places and has surpassed many — if not all — traditional sports in a few countries, E-sports are generally regarded by the mass media as a simple game, exclusively for the amusement of its players. This short clip we stumbled upon during our research might help shed light on the scale and scope they truly have grown to:

What we Learned

With this in mind, here is a quick slideshare presentation we put together to explain the potential e-sports can have when deployed in a business environment:

Here at Disruptive Learning Solutions we strongly believe that the future of leadership training — and by consequence the future of leadership — requires a major shift in the way companies train their managers. Moving past the mostly ineffective traditional training methods to strive for more engaging, competitive and rewarding simulations that promote initiative and dedication can be a game changer in the upcoming years.

Bringing Disruptive Learning to the Table

When faced with collective stupidity, “Next-Gen Leadership E-Sports” can help instill disruptive thinking into the business and empower the company’s workforce. Coupled with the possibility for live audiences and online viewers through streamed content, corporate e-sports events can drive corporate engagement and bring teams together from throughout the firm.

If you wish to enter Next Gen Leadership, here is the dedicated site for the E-Sports Business League.